Below is the IDC Full-Season calendar. This lists all of the important dates and events scheduled throughout the season.  We publish this full schedule early so that you can add these important dates to your calendars well in advance in order to avoid potential conflicts.  Please read carefully and notate the important dates on your calendars at the start of the season.

Download and print the calendar HERE.


The 2020-21 IDC Year At-a-Glance

Monday (Hanna)

3-4:30 pm                         Ballet V/VI & Pointe (3 days per week/$165 per month)

5-5:45 pm                         Beginning Ballet ($60 per month)

6:15-7:10 pm                   Ballet I ($70 per month)

7:35-8:30 pm                   Ballet II (2 days per week/$105 per month)


Tuesday (Kristie)

3:15-4:30 pm                   Advanced Modern (2 days per week/$115 per month)

4:30-6 pm                         Ballet V/VI & Pointe (see Monday for pricing)

6:30-7:45 pm                   Ballet III/IV (2 days per week/$115 per month)

7:45-8:10 pm                   Ballet IV/Pre-Pointe (2 days per week/$30 per month)


Wednesday (Gabi)

5:15-6:10 pm                   Intermediate Hip Hop I ($70 per month)

6:40-7:20 pm                   Dance Team IIA ($60 per month)

6:40-7:40 pm                   Dance Team IIB ($70 per month)

7:45-8:40 pm                   Intermediate HH II ($70 per month)


Wednesday (Mike at RJ Studio)

5:15-6:10 pm                   Beginning/Intermediate Hip Hop ($70 per month)

6:40-7:20 pm                   Beginning Hip Hop ($60 per month)

7:45-8:45 pm                   Advanced Hip Hop ($70 per month)


Thursday (Kristie)

3:15-4:30 pm                   Advanced Modern (see Tuesday for pricing)

4:30-6 pm                         Ballet V/VI & Pointe (see Monday for pricing)

6:30-7:25 pm                   Ballet II (see Monday for pricing)

7:35-8:30 pm                   Beginning Modern ($70 per month)


Friday (Kristie)

3:15-4:45 pm                   Ballet V/VI & Pointe (see Tuesday for pricing)

5:15-6:30 pm                   Ballet III/IV (see Tuesday for pricing)

6:30-6:55 pm                   Ballet IV/Pre-Pointe (see Tuesday for pricing)

7:15-8:30 pm                   Intermediate Modern (75 minute class/$80 per month)


Saturday (Gabi)

9-9:40 am                         Pre-Ballet ($60 per month)

10:15-11 am                    Dance Team I ($60 per month)

11:30 am-12:10 pm       Beginning Tap ($60 per month)

12:35-1:30 pm                Intermediate Jazz/Contemporary ($70 per month)


  • Students will be registered for all fall classes by the dance director, according to requests for class placement received via email.  Monthly tuition will be paid using Auto-Pay on the 15th day of each month Sept – May.
  • Multi-class ($10 off per class/mo) & sibling ($10 off per child/mo) discounts are applied to all registrations.
  • Prior to first day of fall classes, please visit your Parent Portal pages to update:
    1.  Auto-Pay Page to add or update credit/debit card or bank information
    2.  Waivers Page to click on the tabs for each of the 3 Waivers/Policies for the current season and “accept” each one.
  • Please note that times listed above may change slightly as we work to provide the safest experience for our dance students in accordance with evolving state health guidelines and as we accommodate changes to school schedules.


Any students wanting zoom class information and/or to request dance class placement contact:

Valerie Bergman, Director