CREATIVE DANCE, PRE-BALLET, PRE-HIP HOP: These fun-filled classes teach an understanding of music and rhythm while learning dance basics with an emphasis on ballet vocabulary in Pre-Ballet classes or hip hop rhythms and moves in Pre-Hip Hop classes.

Creative Dance I: (25 minute class) ages 3-5 ♦ $50 per month
Creative Dance II: (25 minute class) ages 4-6 ♦ $50 per month
Pre-Ballet & Pre-Hip Hop: (40 minute class) ages 5-7 ♦ $60 per month

HIP HOP: Dancers will learn the hottest new street style moves to the best new R&B and Hip Hop songs while focusing on performance skills, flexibility, core strength, stamina, dance technique and basic tricks. NEW CLASS: Pre-Teen/Teen Hip Hop teaches the older beginning and lower intermediate level dancer hip hop skills and tricks in a class with other teen students.

Beginning Hip Hop I: (40 minute class) ages 7-11 ♦ $60 per month
Beginning Hip Hop II: (50 minute class) ages 8 & 9 w/1+ yr dance, ages 10& up no exp needed ♦ $70 per month
Pre-Teen/Teen Hip Hop: (55 minute class) mixed level class for ages 12 & up w/ 0-4 yrs exp ♦ $70 per month
Intermediate I: (55 minute class) ages 10 & up with 3+ yrs hip hop ♦ $70 per month
Intermediate II: (55 minute class) ages 12 & up with 5+ yrs hip hop & director approval ♦ $70 per month
Advanced: (55 minute class 2x/wk) ages 14 & up with 6+ yrs hip hop & director approval ♦ $105 per month

BALLET: Ballet classes focus on proper technique, alignment, grace, flexibility and core strength. Classes follow the Russian (Vaganova) Ballet syllabus as updated by Ballet Master Finis Jhung. The Ballet program is a stepped series, students must begin at the first level. Age requirements are a guide only – students are placed in levels based on skill mastery and readiness. Most often a student remains in each ballet level for two seasons.

Beginning Ballet: (50 minute class) ages 7-12 ♦ $70 per month
Ballet I: (55 minute class) ages 9-11 with 2+ years ballet, ages 12-16 no exp with director approval ♦ $70 per month
Ballet II: (55 minute class) ages 10-16 with 3+ yrs ballet & director approval ♦ $70 per month
Ballet III: (60/90 minute classes 2x/wk) ages 12 & up with 4+ yrs ballet & director approval ♦ $115 per month
Ballet IV & Pointe/Pre-Pointe: (90 minute class 3x/wk) 6+ yrs ballet & director approval ♦ $165 per month
Ballet V/VI & Pointe: (90 minute class 3x/wk) 7 + yrs ballet & director approval ♦ $165 per month

MODERN DANCE: Modern dance technique classes build on Ballet technique, emphasizing a fluid use of the back, core strengthening, and movement connectivity with dance phrases moving boldly through space. Additional strength building and floor movements challenge the upper level modern dancer.

Beginning Modern: (55 minute class) ages 8-14 ♦ $70 per month
Int. Modern: (55 minute class) ages 10 & up w/ 3+ yrs ballet or modern & director approval ♦ $70 per month
Adv. Modern: (75 min class 2x/wk) ages 14 & up w/ 5+ yrs modern or ballet & director approval ♦ $115 per month

DANCE TEAM: An energetic dance class that prepares students to successfully audition for and dance on school dance teams. Students learn dance team-style warm-ups and skills essential to dance team performance including turns, leaps, and jumps. Jazz, lyrical and hip hop styles are all incorporated into this fast-paced class.

Dance Team I: (40 minute class) ages 6-10 ♦ $60 per month
Dance Team II: (50 minute class) ages 11-18 w/ 2+ yrs dance ♦ $70 per month

JAZZ/CONTEMPORARY, PRE-TAP & TAP: Jazz classes explore many styles of Jazz – Fosse, funk, lyrical – each of these styles combines classic dance technique with innovative ways of moving. Contemporary style is infused with the style of choreography seen on popular TV shows such as SYTYCD. Tap students learn rhythmic basics in a stepped progression as well as dance routines set to popular Broadway songs.

Beginning Jazz/Contemporary: (40-minute class) ages 8-14 ♦ $60 per month
Int/Adv Jazz/Contemporary: (55 minute class) ages 11 & up w/3+ yrs exp & director approval ♦ $70 per month
Pre-Tap: (40 minute class) ages 6-9 ♦ $60 per month
Beg/Int Tap: (55 minute class) ages 8 & 9 w/1+ yrs pre-tap, ages 10 & up no exp needed ♦ $70 per month

ADULT DANCE: (55 minute class) Combo classes in Modern, Jazz & African or Jazz & Hip Hop ♦ $70 per month for 1 class per wk  ♦ $105 per month for 2 classes per wk

PRIVATE LESSONS: Students receive one-on-one instruction, focusing on specific areas of interest and progressing at their own pace.
By appointment, contact the IDC Director for scheduling of 30 or 60 minute lesson ♦ $35 / $60 per lesson


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