Registration and Payment Details

The IDC’s Dance Program is a 9 month season with classes beginning in September and continuing through June. The NEXT annual IDC Spring Recital will be held at the Elsinore Theatre in early June 2022.The IDC has added a limited number of Zoom Dance classes for students not able to attend in person.
Please contact Valerie Bergman:
Click HERE to access the IDC Registration System to set up your Parent Portal page, accept the Waivers and set up your Auto-Pay.

Payments for the 9-month program are divided into 9 equal installments: The first month’s tuition is due at registration. Subsequent installments are paid on the fifteenth (15th) day of each month, October through May.

Payments for the 8 week Fall Zoom Program are divided into 2 equal installments: The first payment to be run in October, the second in November.

Monthly tuition via auto-pay: All students are expected to sign up for monthly auto-pay with a major credit/debit card or bank account. Auto-pay payments will be processed monthly as outlined above.

Multi-class discounts: Students taking more than one class receive $10 off of the monthly tuition for each class.

Sibling discounts: Siblings receive $10 off of their total monthly tuition.

Financial assistance: Based on demonstrated financial need. Please contact the Director to apply.

IDC Scholarship Fund: During this very difficult time for small businesses the IDC is operating at a deficit. However, we are firmly committed to our mission of offering the opportunity to dance to all children, regardless of financial means. Please let us know if you are able to contribute to the IDC Scholarship Fund. One-time donations or monthly pledges are much appreciated!


IDC Dance Recital: Our season culminates with a professionally produced dance recital at the Elsinore Theatre in early June!

All students enrolled in the full-season program are invited to participate. To participate, students must purchase one costume for each of their dance classes.

Dance Recital Costume Fees: $60/costume for Creative, Pre-HH & Pre-Ballet, $80/costume for all other students.