June 20 – August 11, 2022

All classes meet at IDC Studio 233 COMMERCIAL ST NE, Salem

8 weeks of dance for the price of 7 weeks!

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*Must have director’s permission to enroll in these classes.

                • Online Registration is now OPEN. The summer dance tuition is due at registration.
                  Contact the director to request an alternate payment plan.
                • Multi-class & Sibling Discounts are applied to all registrations:
                  Multi-class discount: $10 off per class for first 3 classes, $20 off per class for additional classes.
                  Sibling discount: $10 off per child for first 2 children, $20 off per child for additional children.
                • Private and Semi-private lessons are available: Contact dance director for more information.

For more information and class placement, please contact: Valerie Bergman, Director at inspirationdanceco@yahoo.com

May 1: Summer dance registration begins
Invite your friends to dance with the IDC this summer!

* Must have already taken this level of class or received director’s permission to enroll in these classes.

Payment of summer dance tuition due at registration.  To request an alternate payment plan, contact IDC Director Valerie Bergman at: inspirationdanceco@yahoo.com.


Monday classes do not meet on July 4, pricing reflects credit for this missed Monday class

(Gabi & Garett)
4:00-5:20 PM Ballet IV/V/VI & Pointe*
80 Min. 3x/wk   $310
Ballet IV/V/VI & Pointe*
80 Min. 3x/wk 
Ballet IV/V/VI & Pointe*
80 Min. 3x/wk 
4:30-5:25 PM   Intermediate Hip Hop I*   $122
 5:25-6:40 PM   Advanced Modern*
75-minute class    $130
Intermediate II Modern*
75-minute class  $130
5:30-6:20 PM Beginning Ballet    
Ages 7-12    $105
(age 7 must have 1 yr pre-ballet)
 5:30-5:55 PM Creative Dance
ages 3-5    $105
6:00-6:40 PM Pre-Hip Hop
ages 5-8    $114
6:30-7:10 PM Pre-Ballet   $98
ages 5-7
6:45-8:00PM Ballet III*
75-minute class,
Two days/ week   $225
Ballet III*
75-minute class
Two days/week
6:45-7:35 PM Beginning Hip Hop I/II
age 8 (with 1 yr pre-HH)
ages 9 & up (with 0-4 yrs dance): $122
 7:15-8:30 PM Ballet I/II
ages 9-15   $110
75 min. class
(with 2+ yrs Ballet or Directors permission) 
7:45-9:00 PM   Intermediate II / Advanced Hip Hop*
75-minute class / $130
8:00-9:00 PM Intermediate I Modern/Jazz/Contemp. combo*    $122   Beginning Modern/Jazz/Contemp. combo    $122